Our Venues

The image above shows some correspnding location in our experimental multisite installation “Village Innovation Talk” (2011)  .  Video Conferencing plays an important role in our rebuilding of the network.

For some time we were using NING as a tool to bring people together. The site is still online, although we now we will focus on rejoing everything on globalvillages.org

see archive of NING site at http://globalvillages.ning.com/

Our other intermediate sites:

* Vienna core group: http://www.give.at
* LinkedIn: http://www.linkedin.com/groups?home=&gid=3197648
* Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/grous/globalvillages

* XING: https://www.xing.com/net/globaldorf (german)

defunct venues:

* Yahoogroup: http://groups.yahoo.com/globalvillages   (Yahoo has deleted the archives in 2019)

* Wiser Earth http://www.wiserearth.org/group/globalvillages   (Wiser has closed down)