Rural Design Days Series: The Works of Richard Lowenberg part 2

We dive deeper into Richards work, following his life path to Davis/California and Santa Fe / New Mexiko. In the end, we dive deeply into the nature of Information as the invisible center of his work.:

“Information is a fundamental universal constituent of our macro to micro
eco-physical reality. Information and energy give life to matter, and information is the determinant of what matters.
• Information, like solar radiation, is freely available, but in being processed by mind or machine, gains value as a useful natural resource, or in the process, becomes waste.
• Ecologically understood, Information is not a noun. It is not a thing. It is not
property. Information is more appropriately considered as a verb; as a relational exchange between input and output; send and receive; sense and communicate.
• The ecological nature and value of Information is qualitatively not quantitatively based. At human social scale, Information as a life-giving process generates knowledge, wisdom and inspiration. Information waste and pollution exists as ignorance, confusion, deception, overload and death….