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here is mine


I was wondering about the fan - is it too loud? Youc an judge for yoruself,
cleaning the fan is a good idea if it is. Andyou can check it with a free
program. Also PC temperature.

I also updated the audio drivers on the pc that I used BEFORE I recorded so
that the best sound shoudl be available.
It is an Acer laptop Aspire 5530 model and there were 2 soudn files that
came out about a month ago that improved teh sound form teh internal


On Sun, Dec 5, 2010 at 11:16 AM, Thompson, Steve <S.D.Thompson at tees.ac.uk>wrote:

>  Hello,
> A new movie is in production for which the voice talents of Markus and
> Tomasz are one again required. This either means us booking once again into
> room 202 at the Karelinehof or finding other means.
> Skype seems to be a first possibility and I have a plugin in which the free
> version allows me to record the first 10 mins. It is inexpensive to buy if I
> want more. I have tested this but the sound quality is dependent on other
> persons equipment and the quality of the connection. Of course each person
> could record locally and send it in but I’m thinking skype because we need
> to get the actors motivated and “in character” with some interaction.
> Another alternative is to use Sound Cloud which allows direct recording of
> sound files - http://soundcloud.com/
> I just decided on an extra bit of dialogue for which you, Franz have the
> perfect voice. It is that of the Zeppelin Pilot but don’t worry it’s not at
> all war-like.
> The line is:
> Roll Credits
> Franz – please let me know if you want this speaking part. (Your Avatar is
> quite dashing)
> Steve T
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